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STITCH: Chemical-Protein Interactions

What is STITCH?
STITCH is a resource to explore known and predicted interactions of chemicals and proteins. Chemicals are linked to other chemicals and proteins by evidence derived from experiments, databases and the literature.
STITCH contains interactions for between 300,000 small molecules and 2.6 million proteins from 1133 organisms.
To explore the interactions of the beta blocker propanolol, enter its name or an identifer like the ATC Code C07AA05 in the search box to the left. Select 'Homo Sapiens' as organism. When you click GO!, you will be taken to the network with various functionally related proteins: adrenergic receptors (the primary targets), serotonin receptors (which are also targeted), etc. Click on "Actions View" to explore the actions (activation/inhibition/binding) of propanolol. When you click on one of the adrenergic receptors, you can add it to the set of input nodes. This will result in a network containing both proteins and related chemicals.

 More Info 
STITCH 4 is now in beta stage! While we finish the website, you can already access it, but please be prepared for the occasional error, missing data or downtime. You can read about the improvements in the new NAR paper.

STTICH (Search Tool for Interactions of Chemicals) is being developed at CPR, EMBL, SIB, KU, TUD and UZH.
STITCH references: Kuhn et al. 2012, Kuhn et al. 2010, Kuhn et al. 2008
Miscellaneous: Access Statistics, Robot Access Guide, STRING/STITCH Blog, Supported Browsers.
Status: This is STITCH 3.1, which is a bug-fix release that yields slightly more text-mining edges and resolves an import bug for a small part of DrugBank. The previous versions, STITCH 2.0 and 1.0, are still accessible.
Sister Projects: STRING and eggNOG
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